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January/February 2018 Features

Seven Fitness Trends
Make 2018 the year your commitment to getting fit sticks.

Heart Health in a Bowl
Bowl-based meals are the latest food fad;
these ingredients make them cardio-friendly.

The Liver: An Owner’s Manual
Damage to this vital organ can go unnoticed—
sometimes for years—before symptoms arise.

Exercise in a Hurry
These five-minute workouts are designed to keep your desk-bound body happy.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Ways to let that special someone in your life
know how much you care.


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Alternative Medicine

Energy Healing
Health Team Creation 
Herbal Medicine
Integrative Medicine
Pediatrics, Holistic
Traditional Chinese Medicine


Beauty & Skincare

Beauty-Boosting Superfoods
Green Spas
Hair Care, Natural Ingredients
Skin Allergies
Skin Cancer
Skincare, Fruit Acids
Skincare, Men's
Skincare, Natural Ingredients
Skincare, Summer



Alanis Morissette
Alicia Silverstone
Allison Sweeney
Andie MacDowell
Angela Lindvall
Baldwin Family
Brooke Burke
Cameron Diaz
Candice Bergen
Carol Alt
Cheryl Ladd
Chris Knight
Cindy Crawford
Criss Angel
Christie Brinkley
Christy Turlington Burns
Cynthia Nixon
Dana Perino
David Lynch
Daymond John
Dee Wallace
Deepak Chopra
Denise Richards
Dick Van Dyke
Drew Barrymore
Ed Begley Jr.
Eric Roberts
Eva Longoria Parker
Fran Drescher
Geena Davis
Gerald Kessler
Giada De Laurentiis
Gina Gershon
Glen Campbell
Goldie Hawn
Gwyneth Paltrow
Healthy in Hollywood
Illeana Douglas
Isabella Rossellini
Jaclyn Smith
Jeanine Pirro
Jeff Bridges
Jennie Garth
Jennifer Beals
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Alba
Jillian Michaels
Jim Carrey
Joan Lunden
Joe Torre
John McNaughton
Juliet Landau
Kate Hudson
Katey Sagal
Kathy Ireland
Kathy Mattea
Kelly McGillis
Kevin Hart
Kevin Sorbo
Larry King
Lauren Hutton
Linda Ronstadt
Lindsay Wagner
Lynda Carter
Mariel Hemingway
Marilu Henner
Matthew Modine
Mayim Bialik
Meadow Williams
Melina Kanakaredes
Melissa Joan Hart
Michael Chiarello
Mike Huckabee
Misty Copeland
Molly Ringwald
Musician Celebrities
Olivia Newton-John
Patricia Heaton
Patrick Dempsey
Paula Deen
Rachael Ray
Raquel Welch
Roland Kickinger
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Stanley Tucci
Stefanie Powers
Stephen Lang
Steve Guttenberg
Steve Jobs
Steve Nash
Steven Bauer
Susie Essman
Taya Kyle
Thomas Jane
Tia Carrere
Tim Tebow
Tony Bennett
Tony Curtis
Vivica Fox
Wayne Dyer
White House Chef Bill Yosses
Wolfgang Puck
Wynton Marsalis
Zachary Quinto



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Anti-Inflammatories, Natural
Blood Pressure Regulators
Brain Aids
B Vitamins
Cholesterol Regulators
Detoxing Naturally
Enzymes, Digestive
Essential Oils
Female Nutrients
Fiber Types
Glucose Regulators
Heart Aids
Herbal Anti-Inflammatories
Immunity Boosters
Male Nutrients
Nutritional Deficiencies
Nutrition Labels Explained
Organic Shopping
Vitamins & Cofactors
Weight Loss Support

Environmental Issues

Air Quality, Indoor
Camping, Eco-Friendly
DiCaprio Ecodocumentary
Energy Efficiency
Fresh Water Limitations
Green Homes
Herbs, Endangered
Oil Dependency
Organic Eating
Organic Gardening Basics
Synthetic Agriculture
Water Documentaries
Water, Purity Concerns

Healthy Lifestyle

Aging Across the Lifespan
Aging Benefits
Altruism & Health
Anti-Aging Tips
Art & Healing
Back Exercises
Back Pain, Preventing
Beauty Roundup
Brain & Technology
Child Health
Core Exercises
Exercise Goals
Exercising Indoors
Exercise, Quick Workouts
Exercise Safety for Seniors
Exercise While Traveling
Extreme Races
Fitness Gift Guide
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Fitness Trends
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Gut Flora Diversity
Hair Care
Health Technology
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Home Gym Equipment
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Hot/Cold Therapies
Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen, Healthy
Laughter & Healing
Life Balance
Life Purpose, Finding
Lucid Dreaming
Mineral Makeup
Music, Adult Learning
Music & Healing
Music Therapy, Alzheimer's
NASA & Healthy Spaceflight
Optimism & Health
Organic Gardening
Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Safety
Play & Child Health
Radiation, Avoiding
Salt Therapy
Sitting, Excessive
Social Eating
Sports Injuries, Avoiding
Vaccinations Pro & Con
Water, General Interest
Weight Loss Success Stories
Yoga Hybrids
Yoga Styles

Smart Supplementation

Aphrodisiacs, Herbal
Amino Acids
B Vitamins
CoQ10 & the Heart
Drug Side Effects
Herbs for Seniors
Omega-3 Fats
Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin D
Vitamin E & the Heart
Vitamins & Cofactors
Vitamins, Fat-Soluble
Weight Loss Aids
Whole-Food Supplements


Health Maintenance

Abdominal Obesity
Aging Across the Lifespan
Aging Pets
Allergies, Organic Control
Allergies, Spring
Allergies, Winter
Anti-Aging Antioxidants
Anti-Aging Secrets, Centenarian 
Antibiotic Resistance
Aphrodisiacs, Herbal
Arthritis in Pets
Blood Pressure Control
Blood Tests Explained
Bone Health
Brain & Gut Flora
Brain, Healthy Aging
Breast Cancer Prevention & Exercise
Breast Health
Cancer, Family Effects
Cancer, First Response
Cancer, Living with
Cancer, in Pets
Cancer Risk, Genetic
Cancer Risk Reduction
Cancer Survivors
Cancer Survivor’s Story
Cancer Treatment Effects
Cholesterol Control
Cholesterol Good & Bad
Colon Cancer
Diabetes & Cancer Risk
Diabetes Denial
Diabetes in Women
Diabetic Complications
Dog Health
Exercise, Quick Workouts
Eye Health
Female Cancers
Fertility Support
Flu Control
Health Myths
Heart Attack Survivors
Heart Disease, Reversing
Heart Disease Risk
Heart Failure
Heart Health & Anger
Heart Health Tips
High Blood Sugar & Cholesterol
Human Microbes
Immune Boosters
Immune System Overview
Immunity Tips
Inflammation, Chronic
Integrative Medicine
Joint Health
Knee Health
Liver Health
Longevity Tips
Lung Cancer
Menopause & Heart Health
Menopause & Weight Gain
Mood Disorders & the Heart
Mushrooms, Immune-Boosting
Obesity & Diabetes
Obesity & Related Afflictions
Pain, Chronic
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Health
Screening Tests, Recommended
Sleep & Heart Risks
Sleep Tips
Stress, in Pets
Stress Reduction
Stress Tips
Stroke Survivors
Symptom Analysis
Testosterone, Low Levels
Thyroid, Poor Function
Triglyceride Control
Veterans & PTSD
Weight Gain Causes
Weight Loss, Couples
Weight Loss, Maintaining
Women, Low Libido

Yoga for Health Problems

Nutrition & Diet

Acid/Base Balance
Asian Cuisine
Bowls, Heart-Healthy
Broccoli Family
Burgers, Vegetarian
Cancer-Fighting Nutrients
Cancer Prevention
Cancer Prevention Recipes
Cancer Survivor’s Diet
Carb Cravings
Cardiac Superfoods
Children, Healthy Diet
Children in the Kitchen
Children's Snacks
Chocolate; Dark
Cold-Brewed/-Pressed Products
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Diabetes Diet
Eating for Energy
Fad Diets
Fermented Foods
Flowers, Edible
Food Certifications
Food Safety
Genetics-Based Diet
Gluten, Brain Effects
Gluten-Free Baking
Gluten-Free, Chinese
Gluten-Free, Examples
Gluten-Free Holidays
Gluten-Free Makeovers
Gluten-Free, Restaurants
Gluten-Free Veganism
Green Foods
Greens, Leafy
Herbal Teas
Hot Peppers
Latin Cuisine
Local Eating
Lunches, School
Male Diet, Improving
Mediterranean Cuisine
Middle Eastern Cuisine
Milk Choices
Native American Cuisine
Nutritional Deficiencies
Nutrition Guide, ET
Nutrition Labels
Oils, Cooking
Olive Oil
Omega Fat Balance
Omnivore vs Vegan Debate
Onion Family
Outdoor Cookery
Pantry Basics
Pet Food
Prenatal Nutrition
Raw Food Diet
Restaurant Eating
Root Vegetables
Salt, Excessive Consumption
Salt Substitutions
Sea Vegetables
Smoothies & Juices
Soul Food
Special Diets
Sports Nutrition
Squashes, Winter
Sugar Dangers
Superfoods, Emerging
Superfoods, Holiday
Sweeteners, Natural
Uganda Special Report
US Regional Cuisines
Vegan Ice Cream
Vegetarians & Carnivores, Shared Kitchen
Water Choices
Water-Loving Foods
Weight Gain, Eating for
Weight-Loss Diet, ET
Weight Loss Support
Wine, Organic, Cooking with





















































































































November/December Features

Misty Copeland
The American Ballet Theater dancer offers tools to help others get a “ballerina body.”

Bring on the Brine
DIY fermentation lets you tailor this flavorful food processing method to your own tastes.

Everday Back Hazards
Sometimes, it’s the little things that can cause you to feel stiff and sore.

Holiday Gift Guide
Show your loved ones you care about them with gifts focused on wellness and stress relief.


September/October Features

Kevin Hart
The comedian shares hard-earned life
lessons learned from on and off stage.

Meet the Family
There’s a big crew of B vitamins, and all of
them are crucial to health.

Back to School, Back to Health
Peak wellness lets kids bring their “A” game to the classroom.

Ditch the Delivery
Cooking Chinese at home lets you enjoy
eggrolls and other treats without the gluten.


July/August Features

Geena Davis
Through her film festival and watchdog
group, the Oscar-winning actress is fighting
to change the onscreen image of women.

How Enzymes Sack
The Digestion Blues

Digestive difficulties can undermine
nutrient absorption.

Run. Bike. Swim.
Which of these outdoor activities will keep you moving?

Rice: Beyond White
The versitility of rice makes it great for
a light and tasty summer dish.

Summer Gift Guide
Products to enhance the summer for
you and your loved ones.


March/April Features

Tim Tebow
The athlete speaks out on the faith and
strategies he relies on to define his own
sense of self when the going gets rough.

Regulating Blood Pressure
These nutrients and herbs help keep blood
pressure within a reasonable range.

7 Cardiac Superfoods
As it usually does, health protection
begins in the kitchen.

The Heartache of Restless Sleep
Trouble getting some shuteye? Poor sleep
can affect your cardiac health.


January/February Features

Linda Ronstadt
How Parkinson’s put an end to the career
of a 12-time Grammy Award winner.

Winter Freeze? Shape Up Indoors
Low-impact exercises will see you through
the season.

Honey, I Am in the Mood
Low desire is distressingly common, but no
woman has to live with a lagging libido.

Protein on the Go
This vital nutrient can power you through
your day.





November/December Features

Dana Perino
How the Fox News commentator and former White House press secretary
rises above politics and stays fit.

Hybrid Yoga
Blending ancient tradition with modern-day
interests makes yoga more accessible to many.

The Science of Cooking
The secret to great food: Treat the kitchen like
a chemistry lab.

Holiday Gift Guide
Tell your loved ones you care about them with
gifts that promote wellness.


October Features

Powering Up for Mars
Astronaut Michael Hopkins gives us an inside
look at NASA’s fitness program as the agency
prepares for a manned flight to the Red Planet.

Loving Lentils
These tiny seeds provide big nutritional
benefits in soups, salads and other recipes.

The End of Antibiotics?
The nutrients your children need, plus herbs
to address common ailments.


September Features

“Shark Tank” Star Daymond John
The apparel mogul came from humble
beginnings, picking up a treasure trove of
health and life lessons along the way.

Easing Your Pet’s Aching Joints
Our aging animal companions are as prone
to arthritis as we are.

Keeping Kids Healthy
The nutrients your children need, plus herbs
to address common ailments.

Hold the Dough
Going gluten-free means finding healthy
alternatives to bread-based foods.


July / August Features

Cindy Crawford
In her new book, Becoming, the supermodel
reflects on life lessons learned as she turns 50.

Medicine Moves Toward a Merger
How soon will we see an integration of
conventional and complementary medicine?

We All Scream for Vegan Ice Cream
This dairy-free treat has gone mainstream,
and many are clamoring for a taste.

The Zen of DIY
Crafting projects that can bring gratification
and health benefits.


June Features

Chef Bill Yosses
The former White House chef saw First Lady
Michelle Obama launch her “Let’s Move”
program. Now he’s taken that message of
health out on the road.

Some Like It Hot
Peppers are full of flavor & health benefits—
including as an aid in weight loss.

What’s In Your Pet’s Dish?
Cutting through pet food marketing clutter can help
keep your pal happy and healthy.

Senior Fitness: Safety First
Exercising to lose weight? Adjust your workouts
to accommodate age-related changes.


May Features

Zachary Quinto
The actor, best known for his roles on “Heroes” and the latest
“Star Trek” films, talks about his spiritual side.

Anti-Cancer Compounds
A number of plant-based substances
may lower your risk.

A Cancer Action Plan
Your doctor tells you, “You have cancer.” What’s next?

The Urban Green Thumb
Food doesn’t get more local than your
own yard—even if it’s in the city.


April Features

Kate Hudson
The actress draws upon ancient health practices and
the mindfulness embraced by her famous mom.

The Hazards of Monoculture
Greater diversity in both farm crops and
our gut microbes leads to better outcomes.

Four Stars for Gluten Free
It’s easier to eat out when you’re trying to
avoid gluten, but you need to stay vigilant.

The Sounds of Wellness
Music therapy can make inroads with
seniors and people afflicted with Alzheimer’s.


March Features

Christie Brinkley
In her new book Timeless Beauty, the
supermodel shares her secrets for looking
and feeling great at 62.

Wellness Delivered Cold
What’s behind the wave of cold-pressed
and cold-brewed beverages.

The Eye: An Owner’s Manual
Learn how to keep your sight keen as the years pass.

Gifts of Life
Here are some gift items to help you and
your loved ones with your fitness goals.



February 2016 Features

Drew Barrymore
The actress, producer and mother relates
hard-won wisdom in her most recent memoir,

Regulating Blood Sugar
These nutrients and herbs help keep glucose
in the heart-healthy range.

Your Checkup Checklist
These tests may spot signs of trouble before
something serious happens.

Fueling Up
Proper nutrition can help you achieve your
athletic goals.



January 2016 Features

Dick Van Dyke
Forever young at 90, the beloved actor
and dancer (and now author) talks about
pushing past the discomforts of age.

Building a Better Brain
These natural remedies may help you
keep your mental edge.

Solving the Symptom Puzzle
How to tell what’s behind that worrisome
ache or cough.

The Well-Stocked Kitchen
Here’s what the experts say are the key
healthy ingredients for every pantry.



November/December Features

Taya Kyle
The wife of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle
shares her thoughts on love, loss and healing.

The Lonely Road Home
As they struggle to adjust to civilian life,
veterans discuss the natural therapies they
use to fight post-traumatic stress disorder.

Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts that promote fitness, brain health,
creativity and beauty tell your loved ones
you care about their well-being.


October Features

Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Emmy-winning ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ actress
shares secrets for raising a healthy family.

Going to Extremes
More and more runners are happily slogging
through mud and climbing over obstacles.

Public Enemy #1
Sugar’s effects on both brain and body aren’t so sweet.

Defying Age with Herbs
Plant-based remedies can ease the ills that come with growing older.


September Features

Candice Bergen
In her memoir A Fine Romance, the Emmy Award-winning
actress reflects on love, loss and life.

Boosting Natural Immunity
These herbs and nutrients keep your immune system on its toes.

Toxin Defense 24/7
You can be exposed to hazardous chemicals without stepping past your front door.

The Stove and the Vine
Using organic wine in cookery can help make meals special.


July/August Features

Thomas Jane
The actor and director ponders animal pain,
a disconnected world and the wisdom of days gone by.

Burgers That Go Beyond Beef
These veggie burger options put the cow out to pasture.

Pets Under Pressure
If you think you’re the only one affected by stress, guess again.

Achieving Your Fitness Goals
Want a stronger core or more endurance?
There’s an exercise plan for that.



June Features

Gerald Kessler
Reflections on the life of a natural health industry icon.

Healthy Weight Helpers
These natural aids support your pound-
shedding efforts.

No Gluten, No Meat—No Problem
A growing number of vegans are also
banishing gluten from their plates.


May Features

Goldie Hawn
The Academy Award winner has founded
a group dedicated to giving children the
emotional skills they need for healthier lives.

A Family Affair
The patient isn’t the only one affected by
a cancer diagnosis.

In Your Hands
The possibilities of the do-it-yourself
movement are unlimited.

Your Best Cancer Defense
Eating right (think plants) can help cut your risk.


April Features

Stanley Tucci
For the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning
actor, wellness is found at the table in the
company of family and friends.

Sizzle & Ice
How hot and cold spa therapies take us
beyond our 98.6° comfort zone.

Going Coconuts
Oil, milk and more: This tropical treat has
taken the country by storm.

Oh, Baby
Move over IVF: There are natural ways to
support healthy conception.

March Features

Giada De Laurentiis
The Emmy-winning celebrity chef has
Hollywood and great Italian cuisine in her
genes. The sum of those parts: a healthy life.

A Digital Checkup on Your Wrist
Health-monitoring “wearables” and other
consumer technologies are growing more sophisticated.

A Gut Feeling
The microbes living within your intestines
can affect mental and emotional well-being.

Soup Goes Global
Satisfy your appetite and improve your health
with this popular comfort food.


February Features

Jennifer Lopez
In a candid new memoir, True Love, the
multitalented superstar shares life
lessons learned from matters of the heart.

Helping Your Heart
These natural aids support greater
cardiovascular well-being.

The Angry Heart
Feeling frustrated and hostile all the time
is hard on your cardiovascular health.

Berry Healthy
These colorful fruits help give your heart
a rosy glow.


January 2015 Features

The singer-songwriter went from rags to riches but never
lost sight of her roots in untamed Alaska.

The Joints Are Jumping
Do arthritic aches make motion difficult?
Try these suggestions so you can move
more smoothly.

Don’t Take It Sitting Down
It’s called “the new smoking”: Too much
time spent seated is bad for your health.

The Hydrophilic Foods Solution
Soluble fiber in water-absorbing foods
keeps you fuller longer and slows digestion.



November/December 2014 Features

Rachael Ray
The popular chef’s simple approach to cooking has
helped get America back in the kitchen.

Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts that promote fitness, brain health, creativity and beauty tell
your loved ones you care about their well-being.

Holiday Baking Without Gluten
Gluten intolerant? You can indulge and stay safe.

The Master Switch
An effectively operating thyroid is crucial for abundant natural energy.

October 2014 Features

Mayim Bialik
‘The Big Bang Theory’ actress is also a neuroscientist and mom who
embraces a natural approach to health.

Stress-Fighting Adaptogens
These herbs help you maintain a healthful balance in a hectic world.

Equipping the Healthy Kitchen
Chefs and culinary experts weigh in on the top tools you need
to turn out healthful fare at home.

Gluten and the Brain
Mental fogginess? Poor memory?
There may be a simple explanation for your woes.

September 2014 Features

Patrick Dempsey
Passions such as car racing, cycling and cancer activism sprout
from the actor’s New England roots.

Nutritional Deficiencies
Less-than-optimal nutrient levels can threaten your well-being.

Snack Attack
Healthy between-meal eating can keep kids fueled throughout the day.

A Chef’s Guide to Oils
Each cooking oil has its own unique characteristics.

July/August 2014 Features

Wolfgang Puck
The chef’s new book aims to help people put healthy meals on the table.

Becoming a Fit Road Warrior
Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean taking a holiday from wellness.

Green Camping
Here are eight tips to make your next camping trip eco-friendly.

Keeping the Hurt Out of Sports
Ways to prevent and repair injuries in several popular summer sports.


June 2014 Features

Cameron Diaz
The actress known for her thin frame weighs in on how to love your body.

Fasting the Right Way
This kind of cleanse and detox has its place, but you should exercise care.

Gluten-Free Makeover
Ditching gluten doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite foods.

Off the Carousel
Here are ways to send those extra pounds packing for good.



May 2014 Features

Cynthia Nixon
The ‘Sex and the City’ star defines what being a cancer survivor means.

Appearances Don’t Count
Forget looks—keeping your breasts healthy should be your only concern.

Thriving Survivors
For these survivors, cancer became the source of valuable life lessons.

Fight Cancer with Your Fork
Tasty recipes can provide a bevy of protective nutrients.

April 2014 Features

The Omega-3 Difference
These crucial fatty acids boost overall well-being.

Dreaming of a Sound Sleep
Natural snooze-inducers that may help you find your way to slumberland.

The Value of Banter for Brunch
Socializing and conversation can be nourishing elements at the table.

March 2014 Features

Lindsay Wagner: The Holistic Woman
The ‘Bionic’ actress embraces a natural life and integrative thinking.

Yoga Rx
Low mood or cranky back? There’s a yoga pose for that.

Mixed Nuts: Health in a Hard Shell
Turn to a variety of nuts for flavor, nutrition and crunch.

Low T Rising
Find renewed vitality through natural hormone restoration.


February 2014 Features

Juliet Landau
Healthy living is integral to this actress and producer’s personal life and craft.

After the Attack
A cardiac crisis can motivate needed lifestyle changes.

Emerging Superfoods
Cutting-edge nutrition comes from every corner of the globe.

New Hope for Stroke Survivors
Aggressive rehab is crucial—while reducing risk factors may prevent another crisis.


January 2014 Features

Kelly McGillis
The “Top Gun” star is hitting the big screen again and starting over on her terms.

Fiber for Health
Maintaining regularity is only one of fiber’s many crucial functions.

Inside Moves
Creating a home gym can keep you active through the coldest months.

The Locavore Lifestyle
You can eat locally all year round—no matter where you live.



Nov/Dec 2013 Features

How Jim Carrey Rolls
Spiritually. And as a children’s book author
pondering identity and existence.

11 Ways to Live Longer
Want to celebrate many more New Years to come? Here’s how.

Natural Giving
Presents that promote well-being are more than gifts: They are love made visible.

Savoring Gluten-Free Holidays
You don’t have to feel deprived during this festive season.


October 2013 Features

Nutrition for Her
Female-friendly supplements and herbs help boost a woman’s well-being.

David Lynch
The filmmaker is saving the world one meditation at a time.

The Benefits of Aging
The passing years can result in more time for favorite
pursuits—and a wiser outlook.

Hair, Naturally
For healthier locks and improved well-being, make the switch to natural hair care.


September 2013

Nutrition for Him
Male-friendly supplements and herbs help boost
a man’s well-being.

Jennifer Beals Takes On Toxins
Motherhood has put the environment in sharp
focus for the “Flashdance” and “L Word” actress.

The Total Healthy Child
Fun ’n Games ’n Growth: Play is more than
just joy for kids—it’s vital for their development.

Cooking with Kids: The family that cooks
together stays healthy together.

Smoothies & Juices: The Comeback Kids
Drinkable veggies and fruit-flavored treats
are back in style.



July-August 2013 Features

Alanis Morissette
The singer has created a healthy, happy life
from a world of experiences.

Officially Certified
When it comes to seals of approval, USDA
Organic has plenty of company.

Skin Deep
Here’s how to take care of your skin during
the dog days of summer.

Happy Campers
Millions of Americans will take to the woods
this summer. Here’s how to protect against
backcountry mishaps.

June 2013 Features

The Zen of Jeff Bridges
As he continues his 30-year-old campaign against hunger, the Oscar winner
reflects in a new book on his mindful approach to a healthy and purposeful life.

Paths to Weight Loss
Whether you’re looking to bump up your metabolism or cut carb absorption,
there are natural ways to help shed those pesky pounds.

Hidden Causes of Weight Gain
Are your clothes getting tighter and you don’t know why?
Here are some possible reasons.

Well Equipped
Looking to enliven your fitness routine? Here’s the latest gear to
help you enter workout mode.

May 2013 Features

Christy Turlington Burns
Armed with her own personal health lessons,
the supermodel has become a strong advocate
for maternal wellness and the fight against cancer.

Plants Against Cancer
Produce packs a powerful punch in the fight
against this tenacious disease.

Our Irradiated Lives
Low-level radiation is all around us—but there
are ways you can protect yourself.

The Aware Cook
Running a kitchen that serves up healthful
meals means being educated about the materials
and ingredients you use.

April 2013 Features

Tony Bennett
In his book, Life Is a Gift: The Zen of Bennett, the 86-year-old crooner writes of a
happy life built on inspiration, simplicity and positive thinking.

They Went Gluten-Free
This grain-based protein has been tied to a gamut of ailments. Meet five people
whose lives improved tremendously after they gave gluten the boot.

Made in the USA
In the ethnic melting pot that is America,
traditional regional cuisines can be perfectly
compatible with our search for health.

The Prostate: An Owner’s Manual
How to keep this small gland from causing big problems.

March 2013 Features

John McNaughton
Calling upon fairy tales and philosophy, the filmmaker harnesses the power
of story in his latest project, “The Harvest.”

Seeds of Vitality
Chia, flax and other seeds prove that big health and culinary
benefits can come in small packages.

The Bricks & Mortar of Protein
And so much more: Amino acids are crucial
to overall well-being.

Domestic Detox
A room-by-room guide to eliminating toxins at home.

February 2013 Features

Joan Lunden
The former “Good Morning America” host has become
a passionate health advocate.

The Menopausal Heart
Hormonal changes that come with age raise a woman’s cardiac risk—
but there are ways to protect yourself.

All About Olives
The branches on this family tree of celebrated healthy treats is diverse.

Blood Tests Demystified
How your bloodwork can warn you and your practitioner of cardiovascular
risks, now and in the future.

January 2013 Features

Natural Anti-Inflammatories
Low-level inflammation fosters disease, but these nutrients and
herbs can help douse this dangerous fire.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Onscreen, the Oscar-winning actress deftly handles drama, comedy and song.
But one of her most passionate roles may be as a lifestyle and wellness coach.

Lively Cultures
From goat milk to Greek, yogurt lovers have more choices than ever.

15 Stress Busters
Lowering your stress levels can make it easier to achieve your New Year’s resolutions.



November-Decmber 2012 Features

Pet Therapy with Gina Gershon
In her book In Search of Cleo, the actress describes
the search for her missing cat—a journey that helped
her find adventure and a bit of herself.

The Skinny on Salt
Crystalline killer in waiting, essential culinary
seasoning or soothing therapeutic accessory?
Sodium chloride is all these things and more.

The Gift of Well-Being
Show your loved ones how much you care with
presents that inspire greater health and joy.

immune-protection punch.

October 2012 Features

Steve Guttenberg
For the "Police Academy" and "Three Men
and a Baby" actor, wellness is a family affair.

Views on Immunity
Advice from naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine and
Ayurveda on how to bolster your defenses.

Great Greens
Leafy vegetables get high marks for their health
benefits—and for their versatility in the kitchen.

Medicinal Mushroom Magic
Some species of fungi pack an impressive
immune-protection punch.

September 2012 Features

Essential Oils
These gentle plant-based therapies can help you look and feel your best.

Jessica Alba
Motherhood prompted a number of changes in the actress.
For one, she looked at the environment anew.

The Natural Lunchbox
Move over, peanut butter & jelly: here’s a week’s worth of
healthy lunches your kids will love.

Your Own Oasis
Spas can help you detoxify and rejuvenate. Here’s what some
spa directors say about recreating the experience at home.

July/August 2012 Features

Angela Lindvall
The Project Runway All Stars model is bringing environmental
sustainability from her farm to the fashion industry.

Soothing Summer Skin
Natural remedies can help ease sunburn,
rashes and other warm-weather hazards.

The Great Outdoors
A look at novel outdoor activities that
promise never to bore.

Edible Beauty
Some flowers can grace your plate as well as your vase.

June 2012 Features

Weight Loss Support
These natural aids may help you find your thinner self.

Jillian Michaels and the Sages of Weight Loss
A close-up look at a few of the most popular
diet and fitness experts on the scene today.

Their Loss Is Their Gain
These people have lost weight—and kept off
most or all of those pounds. Learn their secrets.

Keeping It Off!
Weight is hard to lose, but so easy to regain.
That’s why you need a long-term plan.


May 2012 Features

Olivia Newton-John’s Cancer Journey
How the pop star became a tireless activist and health advocate.

Natural Treasures of Australia
G’day from Down Under: The wonders of tea tree oil, better breathing
with didgeridoos and saving threatened koalas.

The Colors of Cancer Prevention
Bright hues in fruits and vegetables indicate
the presence of cancer-fighting phytonutrients.

Easing the Effects
Patients are turning to integrative medicine for
relief of cancer treatment side effects.

April 2012 Features

Andie MacDowell
The actress and model has farming and the outdoors in her blood.
She’s just a nature girl at heart.

An Herbal Cup
People have been enjoying tea brewed from
herbs for centuries: Some all-time favorites.

Beyond Stress
Some people seem to meet challenges
effortlessly; others become trapped in anxiety.

Winner’s Circle
Some of the healthiest dogs strut their stuff at the Westminster
Dog Show: Advice from their owners.


March 2012 Features

Isabella Rossellini:
Golden Years on the Silver Screen

Her latest film, “Late Bloomers,” takes a comic
look at aging that also smacks of reality.

Fat of the Land
Vitamins A, D, E and K operate in the fatty
parts of your cells—and that’s a good thing.

Unwelcome Table Guests
Food poisoning is a growing threat. Here’s how to keep your food safe
and protect yourself from E. coli and other undesirables.

The Sea’s Garden
Kelp, dulse and other marine plants provide
powerful nutrition and clean flavor.

February Features

Blood Pressure Regulators
There are natural ways to keep hypertension,
a major cardiovascular risk factor, in check.

Hercules’ Heroic Recovery
Kevin Sorbo portrayed Hercules onscreen while enduring the effects of
debilitating strokes. The actor reflects on his rebound to health.

Assessing Your Risk
More than 1.2 million Americans have a heart attack each year.
The best way to avoid being one of them is to know your risk factors.

29 Tips for a Healthy Heart
To help you keep your cardiac well-being on track,here is a bite-sized
nugget of health advice for each day of the month.


January Features

Lauren Hutton: Model Beauty
Tending to the bruises sustained on her global adventures, the iconic supermodel
finds new ways to nurture her explorer’s heart.

Brain-Powered Weight Loss
Nutritional support can help you maintain your pound-shedding motivation by
unlocking the door to your brain’s reward center.

8 Detox Tips for the New Year
For many, the New Year marks a time to detoxify. Here’s how to get the most from
this ancient health practice.

Goodbye Gluten
Digestive troubles are among myriad health risks for people sensitive to this
problematic grain protein.



January 2011

Patricia Heaton: Healthy in Hollywood
Here's how the Emmy winner, known for her role on “Everybody Loves Raymond,”
balances life as an actress and the mom of four boys.

Looking Good, Feeling Good
Celebrate the new year with shiny tresses, a bright smile and smooth, youthful-looking skin.

Beyond the Tea Bag
Most tea comes from one plant species— but different varieties and processing techniques
make for a whole world of tea to explore.

Healthful Synergy
Whole foods, and supplements derived from them, provide dozens of
compounds that work together to sustain health.


February 2011 Features

Steve Nash Scores!
The basketball star’s success on and off the court comes from a natural
approach to healthy living.

Reversing Heart Disease
With crucial lifestyle changes, it’s not too late to add years to your life.

A Dash of Health
Variety is said to be the spice of life—and a variety of spices have been shown to
enhance your well-being.

Sharp and Healthy
Fermented foods add zip to meals while supporting proper digestion.


March 2011 Features

Mighty Minerals
More than mere vitamin sidekicks, these elements play a key role in health and well-being.

Raquel Welch
Well past her one-dimensional sex symbol image, the iconic actress weighs in
on beauty, inside and out.

Save Your Sight
Taking preventative measures now may keep you from losing your vision
to chronic eye disease later.

A Yoga Potpourri
Mixing modern exercise with yoga upsets purists but delights fitness buffs
who relish having wellness options.


April 2011 Features

Lynda Carter
Any woman who embraces a natural approach to wellness can be Wonder Woman,
says the actress and singer who played the superhero.

Gene-Based Cuisine
Some experts believe you can use diet to influence how your body
responds to your genetic makeup.

Peace at the Table
Can a vegetarian and a carnivore agree in the kitchen?
Eating in harmony may not be as challenging as it seems.

Finding Bliss (One Step at a Time)
Walking can burn plenty of calories and provide a personal space for mobile meditation.


May 2011 Features

Jeanine Pirro
This dynamic judge balances the scales of justice, beauty and strength.

A Woman’s Well-Being
Tending to breast protection, uterine concerns, skeletal support and menopausal
complaints can help you feel your best.

Eating for Cancer Recovery
Changes in taste and digestion make healthful eating a challenging—but not
impossible—endeavor on the road back to strong health.

Doubly Dangerous
Having diabetes is unhealthy enough, given all its possible complications.
Now scientists have found a link between diabetes and cancer.


June 2011 Features

Healthy in Hollywood
A glimpse into what keeps Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry and
Courteney Cox fit in body, mind and spirit.

Channeling a Healthy Diet
Cooking programs have taken the tube by storm: Health experts pick the healthiest shows.

Surviving the Restaurant Meal
Eating out is often a recipe for wreaking havoc on your diet. It doesn’t have to be.

Fighting Menopausal Spread
Hormonal fluctuations at midlife cause more than just hot flashes and
night sweats—they can lead to weight gain, too.


July/August 2011 Features

Water World
Five perspectives on this life-sustaining liquid: Actor Ted Danson’s efforts to save
the oceans from overfishing; swimming for health; a gentler birthing option; drinking
water concerns; and the allure of boating.

Health on the Grill
Planning many summer cookouts? Get out of the dogs-and-burgers rut and into a
flavorful, veggie-centered groove.

The Microbe Fighter
Tea tree oil, Australia’s best-known natural remedy, has traditionally been valued
as a skincare multi-tasker. But scientists are discovering there’s more to the story.


September 2011 Features

Power Colors
The rich hues found in fruits from around the world help explain their health-enhancing abilities.

The Evolution of Integrative Medicine
As Energy Times celebrates its 20th anniversary, we look at how alternative medicine—
our core area of coverage—is being integrated into the medical mainstream.

Mother Really Knows Best
Nutritionist and dietician moms shed light on how they fostered their
own kids’ healthy habits.

Acidity Basics
Smart food choices help your body maintain a proper pH balance.


October 2011 Features

The Busy Bs
The B-complex is a big family of vitamins, all of which are essential to your well-being.

Glen Campbell’s Last Ride
Surrounded by family, friends, love and song, the country music star releases his final studio album and embarks on his “Goodbye Tour” as he battles Alzheimer's.

Building Brain Health
Effective treatments for dementia remain elusive but diet, exercise and an
engaged mind can help preserve brain function.

Seven Ways to Fight Aging
It’s hard to take advantage of the increases in wisdom and happiness that age
brings if you’re in poor health. Here’s how to maintain well-being in life’s later years.


November/December 2011 Features

Denise Richards
How the actress survived ex-husband Charlie Sheen, intense tabloid scrutiny
and the loss of her mom to cancer.

Holiday Superfoods
Eggnog and candied yams to the contrary, seasonal eating can be as healthy as it is delicious.

The Core of Steve Jobs
The Apple chairman may have lost his biggest health battle, but he changed the way
many of us live and became a cultural icon along the way.

Healthy Indulgence
Pamper everyone on your holiday gift list with thoughtful presents intended to soothe
the body and revive the soul.








January 2010

Alicia Silverstone: Savoring the Vegan Life
Embracing a plant-based “kind” diet, this activist star of stage and
screen is energized and at her happiest.

Fiction and health make good bedfellows in novels only. So we’ve recruited medical
experts to tackle some fables about wellness that endure in the real world.

Nutrition Labels Demystified
In a world where ads lure you to eat all the wrong things, the Nutrition Facts panel can
help you make smart choices—if you know how to use it.

Overcoming Nutritional Deficiencies
Many people suffer from low-level shortages of critical nutrients and don’t even know it.
Are you one of them?


February 2010

Cholesterol Regulators
Controlling LDL is a key component of a heart-healthy
lifestyle. These supplements can help.

Melissa Joan Hart
The actress and former "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" star knows there's no magic
behind a strong heart, just healthy living.

The Truth About Heart Failure
Complex interventions are required once your heart starts losing its pumping power.
The best solution is to prevent problems before they start.

Don’t Hold the Onions
As delicious as they are aromatic, members of the onion family
supply good health along with good taste.


March 2010

Your Green Garden
Living the organic life starts right in your own backyard.

“Desperate Housewives” dynamo Eva Longoria Parker fuels up on her Latin heritage,
an organic diet and earth-friendly living.

The Problem of Pain
The body's primary distress signal, designed to warn about injury or illness,
can sometimes outlast its usefulness.

Defining Organic
From farm to home, many critical factors weigh
on that increasingly important term.


April 2010

The Secrets of Stress
For most of us, stress seems unavoidable. There are tools, however, to help
ensure that it doesn’t dominate our lives.

Illeana Douglas
The actress and producer discusses how she has cleared a path to wellness.

Water, Water Everywhere
Flowing from taps and bottles, the world’s favorite beverage comes in an array of choices.

The Flexible Brain
Modern scanning technology has shown that our brains can adapt to changing
circumstances at any age–if we let them.


May 2010 Features

The Anti-Cancer Rainbow
Plant food from across the color spectrum contain powerful compounds that can
shine a spotlight on disease prevention.

Stefanie Powers
The actress and environmental activist explains how she fought lung cancer—and won.

The Power of Green Foods
Meet some of nature’s greatest nutritional superstars, all in nature’s signal hue.

Protect Your Breasts
Dietary changes and regular exercise can help prevent
breast cancer, every woman’s greatest fear.


June 2010 Features

Kathy Ireland
How this supermodel-turned-CEO shapes her figure and lifestyle..

Pedal Power
Bicycling can help you outmaneuver weight gain and glide into good health.

Fitness Videos: From Jane to Hip Hop
Charting the development of the at-home exercise routine.

Special Needs, Special Diets
No matter what your need, there’s a dietary path that will work for you.


July/August 2010 Features

Melina Kanakaredes Gets Tough
The “CSI: NY” actress boxes, draws from her Greek heritage and has
joined the fight against breast cancer.

Menopausal Transformations
Many women today treat menopause as a chance to consider new possibilities.

When Sleep Is Elusive
Insomnia can mire you in fatigue and make it difficult to focus.
But simple changes can eliminate restless nights.

In the Belly of Africa
Among the poverty-stricken, nutrition efforts are being stepped up to combat disease.


September 2010 Features

Vitamins & Their Nutritional Friends
As essential as individual vitamins are, they can only operate at peak
effectiveness when combined with other nutrients.

The Brat Pack’s Molly Ringwald Grows Up
The former child star says women should embrace their inner child for
health and happiness.

Your Child’s Nutritional IQ
Children are notoriously picky eaters, but there are plenty of strategies
to help your kids embrace a balanced diet.

Organic Wine Comes of Age
Whether you prefer red or white, today’s organic wine delivers fine flavor
along with a phytonutrient punch.


October 2010 Features

Sting: The Yogi Behind the Music
How the ancient discipline of yoga and a dedication to organic
living became the muses of a rock star.

10 Ways to Boost Your Immunity
It’s cold and flu season again. Don’t let sneezes and sniffles
knock you off your game.

Feeling Low
Runaway stress, along with the inflammation it engenders, helps
explain why depression is linked to so many physical ailments.

The World of Winter Squashes
Why the pumpkin isn’t the only squash that should adorn your
table during the colder months.


November/December 2010 Features

At the Gym with “Avatar’s” Stephen Lang

Here’s how the veteran actor shaped up for his muscular role as
Col. Miles Quaritch in the sci-fi blockbuster.

Living a Balanced Life
Finding harmony in mind, body and spirit can be difficult, but not impossible.

Sweet Deal
You can make holiday desserts without refined sugar or artificial sweeteners—
thanks to these natural alternatives.

Natural Giving
Show friends and family how much you care with gifts designed to
enhance both human and planetary health.




January 2009

Steven Bauer: Life in Moderation
In films like "Scarface" and "Traffic," he's surrounded by tough guys with a penchant
for excess. But this genial actor says the road to good health is found by avoiding extremes.

The Road to Purpose
Life's daily cycles seldom leave enough time for us to follow our true passions.
Yet the effort to discover one's life purpose can yield rich rewards -
including health benefits.

Power Up!
When the body's rhythms are thrown off by a busy lifestyle, energy levels can plummet.
But some simple fatigue-fighting advice can help you unlock the secrets to
free and abundant energy.

The Da Vinci Mode
From painting to photography, here's how creating and consuming the visual arts
can help bring you to a place of peace and well-being.


Jennie Garth Speaks from the Heart
Education is a big part of actress Jennie Garth's life on and off screen. The "90210" star's most personal effort: educating women about the dangers posed by heart disease.

System Alert!
You've heard the old saying, "Forewarned is forearmed"? That's true when it comes to
your heart–and the early warning signs that could spell big trouble ahead.

Creating a Health Team
Whatever ails you may require the attention of several health practitioners, but getting them
to talk to each other can be tough. Here's how one patient handled this often-thorny issue.

D for Defense
Vitamin D's reputation shines more brightly than ever as research links the sunshine vitamin -
and new nutritional superstar - to heart health, cancer protection and more.


MARCH 2009

Number Crunch: Surviving a Stressful Economy
Our country is facing the kind of economic crisis we haven't seen since the Great Depression,
and you're probably worried about your financial security. Learn how to protect yourself
against the psychological and physical fallout with our special report.

The Organic Shopping List
Some produce items are more subject to pesticide contamination than others.
Learn which fruits and vegetables make up the "dirty dozen" - and why you
should buy them organically.

Golden Boy, Golden Age, Golden Years
At 83, screen icon Tony Curtis has found health and happiness in simple pleasures
and a stable union with a straight-shooting wife who rescues horses.

Green Home, Sound Body
You want to do the ecologically right thing, but you're not sure where to start.
Begin at home: Nurturing your own environment is the first step toward helping the planet.

APRIL 2009

Conscious Creator
Actress Dee Wallace embodies the feel-good spirit of one of her signature films—
“E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial”—by practicing and teaching self-responsibility
for happiness and health.

Our Rewired Brains
There’s a growing chorus of concern that the time we spend immersed in technology is
reworking our neurocircuitry. But there are ways to avoid tech overload.

Milk’s Many Choices
Moo-ve over, Bessie: Today milks come from a variety of sources, including soy,
nuts and rice—and as ready-to-go milk alternatives.

Herbal Medicine: Tradition Meets Science
Years of traditional knowledge about medicinal plants is now supplemented by
research to create a healing system bridging both worlds.

MAY 2009

Matthew Modine: Man on a Mission
The actor has heartfelt reasons to support pancreatic cancer research—
his father and brother succumbed to the disease. But the fight against this often-silent
killer also stirs the activist in him.

Target: Cancer
Research is confirming some familiar methods to reduce risk.

How to Love Broccoli (And Its Cousins)
You know broccoli is good for you, yet those childhood icky-veggie memories linger.
Don't push the plate away just yet. Broccoli (and other crucifers) can be prepared
to please almost any palate.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
By focusing on energy imbalances, this ancient healing art restores vitality and well-being.

June 2009

Kicking Carbs with Kickinger
Roland Kickinger's background may invite comparisons to a certain movie star-turned-
governor, but this actor and bodybuilder is carving out his own place in Hollywood
and the fitness circuit.

The Long Reach of Obesity
Obesity is linked to a host of afflictions—from allergies
and asthma to gallstones and skin infections.

The Human Terrain
Your body serves as a home for a myriad of microorganisms, and scientists are
exploring the beneficial roles many of them play in human health.

Ayurveda: Tailor-Made Health
India’s traditional healing system, in which each person’s unique makeup
provides the basis for well-being, is taking root in the US.


July/August 2009

Jaclyn Smith
Best known as one of Charlie’s Angels, this versatile actress is strong, independent and
beautiful—a breast cancer survivor who remains angelic and ageless.

Beauty-Boosting Superfoods
Healthy eating is just as important to appearance as knockout makeup—
here are the foods that can help you look your very best.

Summer Hair Care
Strong sunlight, salt-laden wind and pool chemicals can all take their toll on your tresses,
but there are natural ways to restore bounce and shine.

Oh, Honey!
It’s a sweet treat cherished since ancient times. But now we know that a spoonful a
day of this venerable food can help keep the doctor away.



Aging Across the Lifespan
The thoughts feeding our minds and the foods we put in our bodies affect our lives
from the cradle onward.

Wayne Dyer
The self-help author and speaker discusses his spiritual evolution—
and finding meaning at any age.

The Knee: An Owner’s Manual
Sometimes thought of as just a simple hinge joint, the knee is actually a
biomechanical marvel. Learn how to keep it up and running.

The Attraction of Raw Food
A diet in which everything is uncooked has attracted adherents who rave over its
ability to fight age and generate energy. Other people, though, are not so sure.


October 2009

Detoxing Naturally
Detoxification is designed to give the body a fresh start. These cleansing nutrients
can help you feel refreshed and renewed.

Beautiful Brooke
Still stunning, the once-globetrotting model Brooke Burke now navigates
motherhood with a world view of natural health.

Buried Treasures
Affordable, readily available and packed with nutrients and fiber, root vegetables
are enjoying a renaissance among health-conscious consumers in a down economy.

Fuel to Burn
Empty calories, like low-grade gas, can bring your engine to a sputtering stop.
But nutrient-rich foods can help you run lean and clean.


November / December Features

Nutrients for Men & Women
Modern science now knows what traditional medicine has always known:
Each gender has its own particular nutritional needs for optimal well-being.

Soul Healing
Motivational speaker and author Deepak Chopra calls for a new approach to
health that drills down to our very essence.

The Smart Pet Diet
Two years ago, contaminated food sickened and killed thousands of animals.
Now pets need healthier options.

Gifts from the Heart
ET’s annual guide to gifts that tell your loved ones how much you care—naturally.




JanuarY 2008

Alison Sweeney: 'Successful Loser'
TV's The Biggest Loser star explains how she learned to stay slim and healthy.

Green Spas Take Root
Indulging in a spa experience doesn't mean having to stress out the environment.

Mineral Makeup (Five Reasons to Switch)
Wary of what’s in drugstore cosmetics? Relax. With makeup made from pure
minerals, you can be both natural and stylish.

Defy the Dry
Winter definitely doesn’t do wonders for your hair, which can go dry and frizzy.
But natural hair care can let you and your locks laugh at Old Man Winter’s chilly bluster.

February 2008

Larry King: A Cause Close to His Heart
The country's most famous heart patient has made cardiac health a personal mission.

A World Under Pressure

Natural ways to avoid high blood pressure, which is becoming a global health threat.

8 Tips for Keeping Cholesterol Under Control
Everyone, it seems, is taking drugs to drive down their cholesterol levels.
A better idea for many people would be making the lifestyle changes needed
to combat cholesterol naturally.

Triglycerides—The Hidden Spoiler
Much of what you’ve heard about triglycerides makes this compound
sound like cholesterol’s kid brother—annoying but not much of a threat.
But research shows that this blood fat casts a menacing shadow in its own right.

The Female Diabetes Danger Zone
The news for women with diabetes is troubling: Death rates for men with
this major heart hazard have dropped while those for women have remained
unchanged. Learn how to reduce your risk.

MarcH 2008

Susie Essman Gets Serious

Learn where the standup comic and HBO star gets her seemingly boundless energy.

LOL: It's Good For You :)

That old saying - laughter is the best medicine - has turned out to be truer than we knew.

The Power Within
The belief that people are part of an energy field that can be manipulated
for greater health and well-being is an old idea enjoying a renaissance—
in hospitals and beyond.

Healthy Joe to Go
Some people think coffee is unhealthy. But researchers are just
starting to study coffee’s beneficial antioxidants, and going organic
might make the country’s favorite brew healthier than ever.

April 2008

Tia's Carrere's Ode to Her Roots
This Hawaiian actress and singer has never forgotten the Asian cultures that nurtured her.

The Yin and Yang of Asian Diets
Despite local variations, Asia's many cuisines share a healthy sense of balance.

Well Equipped
There’s no place like home, especially if you want a gym setup available 24/7.
But where do you start? Simple—look for the hardware that will help
you achieve your fitness goals.

Walk On
Walking is more than just a low-impact exercise solution: The simple stroll offers
rejuvenation for body and mind. And, especially for seniors, walking just might
be the single best anti-aging activity.

MAY 2008

Criss Angel: Magic Man
Watching his father's fight against cancer helped make this illusionist fearless.

Living With Cancer
Cancer is more than just cells run riot: Every case represents a person who has to deal
with the illness and its impact on everyday life. Meet three people who have
adapted their lives to cancer's reality.

Averting Genetic Peril
At the intersection of genetics and cancer, diet is more important than you might think.

Mediterranean Cuisine
Scores of studies have highlighted the benefits of consuming foods native to
the Mediterranean: protection against Alzheimer's, arthritis, cancer,
heart disease and other afflictions.

JUNE 2008

Vivica A. Fox: In Her Comfort Zone
This actress/producer speaks about health, beauty and African-Americans in Hollywood.

Sharing Life, Shedding Pounds

Losing weight as a couple requires understanding how gender affects
body image.

Soul Food
Soul food has deep meaning for many African-Americans, but it's not exactly
healthy. Meet black chefs who've learned how to cut the fat, salt and sugar -
while retaining the taste.

july/augusT 2008

Hollywood Dives In

Matt Damon, Robert Redford and other celebrities help warn the world about water troubles.

Escaping the Oil Trap
Our addiction to petroleum poses human and environmental dangers. The question
of whether or not we can give oil the slip will determine the health of the planet's water and air.

Pure or Polluted: A Closer Look at Drinking Water
Don't take water safety for granted - tips for ensuring you drink high-quality H2O.

Acidic Oceans
Aquarium enthusiasts follow a basic rule: Watch your pH. But the pH of our oceans has been thrown off-kilter, and the resulting changes are capable of causing immense harm.

Native American Cuisine
In an effort to overcome diabetes, the Native American community has been called to
return to its traditional way of eating. Much can be learned from the original practitioners
of holistic health, whose diet is deeply entwined with the environment.


Kathy Mattea: Facing the Future
The country singer ponders her future after watching Alzheimer's claim her mother's life.

Avoiding Alzheimer's
A healthy lifestyle can help you fend off
this mind-robbing - and heart-breaking - disease.

Optimism and Health
While scientists don't deny that some people are more predisposed to happiness
than others, pessimists should take heart - at least some aspects of leading an
optimistic life can be learned.

Latin Cuisine
Some diners think of Hispanic cookery only in terms of fajitas and tacos.
But Latin America's many vibrant cultures have produced cuisines, both subtle and fiery,
that can be healthier than many people realize.


Wynton Marsalis & The Glories of Jazz
A jazz great explains how music and rhythm help the body, mind and spirit to soar.

Songs in the Key of Health
Music's ability to engage the brain on different levels simultaneously gives
it healing power.

Tuning Up: Putting Music in Your Life
All human beings are wired for music. So even if you believe that you're "not musical," you can touch a medium that can touch you back in powerfully moving ways.

They Found Strength in Song
Janis Ian, Irvin Mayfield and Jorma Kaukonen are very different artists, but music
has seen each through both trying and celebratory times. Here are three takes on
music and health from the musicians.


Fight Fire with Food
Why the slow burn of chronic inflammation can singe your health, and how to cool it off.

The Goodness of Giving
It feels good to give, and science is only now starting to unlock all of altruism's benefits.



JanuarY 2007

Mike Huckabee: The First "Health President"?
This former candidate's 110-pound weight loss has made him a people's health champion.

Poisoned Apples

The fat around your middle is not only unsightly but also increases your health risks.

Detox Your Life
Whether you’re livin’ a little too large or just plain living in a world such as ours,
the toxic burden on your body builds up. Some internal housekeeping is in order.

We’ve Got Your Back
In a world full of aching backs, we provide seven simple exercises that can help yours
stay strong and supple...and keep you out of the doctor’s office.

Diving Into the Diet That Works
Diet crazes sometimes do work—until the weight comes creeping back.
Here’s a sane, sensible approach to weight loss.

February 2007

The Omega Ratio
Why it's important to keep your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in proper balance.

Deadly Merge

Having high levels of both blood sugar and cholesterol can really wreck your health.

In Search of Salt Substitutes
Been told you need to cut back on your salt intake but dreading a lifetime of dull, bland food?
Cheer up! With herbs and spices, you need never crave salt again.

March 2007

Living Simply with Ed Begley, Jr.
The actor and long-time eco-activist wants to convert you to a greener way of life.

Organic Overhaul

Skyrocketing chemical sensitivities have touched off a hidden allergy epidemic.

Unstuffing Sinusitis
The most common chronic respiratory ailment needn’t leave you reaching for tissues:
You can naturally conquer sinusitis once and for all.

Soothing Sensitive Skin
Sometimes allergies make you sneeze...and sometimes they make you itch.
If a scratch-provoker of some sort leaves you lumpy and uncomfortable, take heart—
you can find lasting relief.

April 2007

Secrets of the Super Old
Learn how the world's growing number of centenarians have managed to live so long.

Let’s Dance
It doesn’t matter what the calendar says: Everyone feels young on the dance floor.
Rhythmic movement helps keep both body and mind limber and free-flowing. So c’mon—
meet some older folks who have learned to boogie their troubles away.

Staying Sharp
We’ve all heard the jokes about age and forgetfulness, but memory lapses are no laughing matter. That’s why ET provides five keys to achieving peak mental performance.

May 2007

The Baldwins Take on Breast Cancer
When this acting family's matriarch developed breast cancer, they took action.

My Journey - Surviving Cancer with Alternative Medicine
How an herbalist used the healing power of plants after colon cancer surgery.

Keeping Breast Cancer at Bay
The only thing more difficult than being treated for breast cancer is living with the possibility of recurrence. How to reduce your chances of having to fight the cancer monster yet again.

My Journey—Surviving Cancer with Alternative Medicine
An herbalist tells of how she was told six years ago that she would die without chemotherapy after surgery for colon cancer—and has been living cancer-free ever since thanks to natural medicine.

When Your Pet Has Cancer
Meet two people who successfully turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine when their animal companions were diagnosed with cancer...and learn what steps you can take to avoid such
heartache in the first place.

June 2007

Think Outside the Cubicle
What some companies are doing to maintain productivity by encouraging worker well-being.

Health Basic

A body chemistry lesson on why you should keep acid and alkali in balance.

Life Is But a Dream
Lucid dreaming—the paradoxical state of being aware and conscious while dreaming—can be exhilarating, entertaining and enriching. The best part? Anyone can learn how to do it.

Creating an Office Oasis
It’s important to make sure your workspace is designed with your health and well-being in mind.
Here’s how to create an environment that keeps you at the top of your game.

Getting Energized
Do you spend your afternoons trying to not do a face-plant into your computer screen? Take heart, sleepyhead—you can find the energy you need to get through your day.

July/August 2007

Mariel Hemingway's Personal Best
How the actress and author has created her own unique path to well-being.

Omnivore vs. Vegan

To eat, or not to eat, meat: Two opposing experts debate the issue in ET.

Superfruits from Around the World
Back before our taste buds were trashed by an excess of refined sugar, fresh fruit was the
dessert of choice. Today the news about fruit’s health benefits is very sweet
—and the best selections come from all over the planet.

September 2007

A Portrait of Jane Seymour
How this actress and activist is putting her art at the service of women's heart health.

A Shot in the Dark

Childhood vaccination is a hot topic; some say it's vital to health, others say it harms kids.

Return of the Family Doctor
Return of the Family Doctor Parents will suffer efficiency-driven medicine for their own
ailments, but are angered when their sick children are rushed through examinations. Holistic
pediatrics restores in-depth care—and boosts family well-being.

Faithful Old Friend
Many US households harbor furry “children.” Proper nutrition and holistic healthcare can help
keep these four-footed family members healthy as the years go by.

October 2007

The Darkest Hour Before Dawn
According to Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary The 11th Hour, our planet is in jeopardy.

A Legacy Lost?

Environmental degradation has pushed many wild medicinal herbs to the brink of extinction.

Bad H20mens
Our planet’s fresh water supply isn’t limitless—and what remains is increasingly polluted.
Will we only miss clean, pure water when our well runs dry?

Energy Efficiency for Body and Planet
Whether you’re heating your home or moving your body, green power is where it’s at.
The idea is to use the most efficient, cleanest-burning fuel possible.

November/December 2007

Michael Chiarello: The Host with the Most
The celebrity chef shows you how to host the perfect party featuring healthy organic food.

Digest This
For some, the problem with our national holiday munching spree isn’t the extra weight
they’ll gain—it’s the gastrointestinal miseries they’ll have to endure.

Agriculture Shock
Synthetic agriculture, with its myriad chemicals, has reduced nutrient levels in crops.



january 2006

Christopher Knight: Knight Moves
The former Brady Bunch child star is back in the limelight - and in great shape.

february 2006

The Cholesterol Balancing Act
Having a low cholesterol count isn't as important as maintaining the right LDL-to-HDL ratio.

The New Nectar of the Gods

What you need to know about olive oil, an ancient food with a healthy modern reputation.

march 2006

Natural Retouching
You can ward off the ravages of time by eating to feed your skin from the inside out.

Scents of Time
Get a healthy whiff of aromatherapy, one of today's hottest therapeutic trends.

april 2006

Going Organic
The reasons why you should start living the organic life - now more than ever.

may 2006

The Cancer Survivor's Diet
Once you've had an encounter with cancer, you have to eat like your life depends upon it.

Colon Cancer: Equal Opportunity Threat
Long thought of as a male malignancy, colon cancer now strikes more women
than men.

Female Dangers

Breast cancer isn't the only female-specific cancer; what you need to know about the others.

june 2006

Eric Roberts: How He Cleaned Up His Act
Or how a reckless lifestyle in one's youth can lead to healthful redemption in middle age.

Our Body's Multi-Tasker
The liver may be the body's most under-appreciated organ - until something goes wrong.

Hard Core
An exercise starter kit - to sculpt those all-important core muscles in your body's trunk.

july/august 2006

Meadow Williams: Natural Beauty
This actress's commitment to well-being started at home on an organic Tennessee farm.

Dodging Diabesity
Obesity is fueling a surge in diabetes; learn how to defeat this two-headed health monster.

Diabetes: Trouble From Head to Toe
There are natural ways to overcome the many complications of this common disorder.

The Diabetes Diet
Yes, you can still enjoy mealtime—and not even give up dessert. In fact, tasty, nutritious dishes should be an integral part of your plan to prevent or manage the blood-sugar blues. ET offers a few simple guidelines to help you embrace eating.

Diabetes Denial
...is the first reaction when you learn you have type 2 diabetes. Then comes
fear, guilt and anger. But you can find acceptance—the most important step
in leading a healthy, active life.

september 2006

Life After Grief
How the widow of a 9/11 firefighter hero struggled to rebuild her shattered life.

Foreshadowing the Change
Easing the discomforts of perimenopause, the time before menopause proper.

Good to the Bone

Learn how to steer clear of skeletal breakdowns, including osteoporosis.

Natural Selection
The pursuit of beauty can be a kinder, gentler process—thanks to products made with nutrients and botanicals. ET highlights the hottest natural ingredients to hit store shelves.

october 2006

Migraines: The Big Squeeze
The pain of these super-headaches can be excruciating, but you can minimize your misery.

Vision Quest

Proper nutrition, including the right supplements, can help your sight stay sharp over time.

november/december 2006

The Care & Feeding of Healthy Kids
Develop commonsense nutritional strategies to defend your children against obesity.



january 2005

Marilu Henner: Energy Personified!
The actress and health advocate explains why she became a nutrition activist.

Green Power
Packed with powerful phytonutrients, green foods help defend against the ravages of aging.

Conquering Carb Compulsions
To achieve success on a low-carb diet, you need to calculate your daily carbohydrate intake.

FEBRuary 2005

 A Woman's Guide to Being Heart Smart
What every woman needs to know about heart disease, her number one health threat.

The Vitamin with Heart
Vitamin E has survived hard knocks to its reputation - and still delivers health value.

Stress: Don't Go Breaking Your Heart
Stress and depression can snowball into a real cardiovascular bummer.

MARCH 2005

Antioxidants: The Fountain of Youth Lies Within
The right nutrients can fight free radicals, molecular marauders than can age your cells.

The Anti-Aging Food Rainbow
The bright colors in fruits and vegetables denote age-defying nutritional power.

AHA! Finding the Fruity Secret in Skin Care

AHA and other strong-yet-gentle fruit acids can give your skin the sweet kiss of youth.

april 2005

Menopause: Embracing the Change - Together

It's the time when a woman can appreciate a deeper intimacy - with some natural help.

may 2005

Fran Drescher: Conquering the Big C
The TV star - and uterine cancer survivor - speaks out about the state of healthcare.

Breast Cancer:Truths & Consequences

What you need to know about the most common - and still deadly - cancer in women.

june 2005

Carol Alt: In the Raw
A long-time supermodel raves about the raw diet that revitalized her life.

The Energy Times Diet
Don't go chasing after every new diet trend - we give you the inside scoop on weight loss.

Are You Too Thin?

Not everyone is trying to lose weight: How to pack on pounds safely and healthily.

july/august 2005

10 Things You Should Know About Prostate Cancer
The knowledge every man needs about the most common male-specific malignancy.

New Man Food
If you want to be the healthiest guy on your block, ditch the burgers and beer.

Smooth Moves

From breakfast to the office to the gym, smoothies can power you through your day.

september 2005

Eating for One

Expectant moms can feed their babies best by focusing on proper eating for themselves.

october 2005

Immunity All-Stars
The players on your own homegrown immunity team help keep you in the game.

Natural Born Killers

You don't have to fear natural killer (NK) cells, but microbes and cancer cells sure do.

november/december 2005

Paula Deen: A Taste for Life
One of the Food Network's most popular chefs brings her Southern style to ET.

Inside Winter Allergies
A cozy home can be sublime when it's cold, but not if you suffer from wintertime allergies.

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