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A Book for the Cat Lover in Your Life
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— November 26, 2019

A Book for the Cat Lover in Your Life

By Lisa James
  • Giving the gift of the spiritual gifts felines give us.

Often a love of cats and a love of books go together. So what can be better for your favorite ailurophile than a book about the sagacity that lies behind those bewitching eyes?

The Karma of Cats brings together essays about, as the subtitle puts it, “spiritual wisdom from our feline friends.” This wisdom springs from the cat’s dual nature; they “are at once loving, tender, and gentle—and also completely dismissive, rude, and indifferent,” as Seane Corn puts it in the introduction.

The Karma of Cats, edited by Diana Ventimiglia (Sounds True)

To get along with such a beast, one must learn a certain awareness, a certain openness to the present…qualities people often try to consciously develop through spiritual practice.

That theme carries through the book’s 23 chapters; for example, Theresa Reed writes about how her cat Monkey helped her learn “the art of letting go.”

As in our relationships with our fellow humans, our interactions with our animal companions can represent an opportunity to learn and grow. The Karma of Cats is a lovely tribute to those efforts.


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