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Colds & Flu
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— November 21, 2018

Colds & Flu

Cold & Flu

Don’t Be an Office Hero

So you wake up achy, miserable and running a fever…and head to work anyway. Well, don’t. You not only won’t get much done—staring blankly at the computer does not qualify as being productive—but you’ll infect your colleagues to boot. For their sakes and yours, stay home!

Make Thyme to Calm a Cough

Are you plagued by coughing fits? Then reach for thyme, which has been used as an expectorant for centuries. Just crush some leaves of this pungent herb, mix into a rich vegetable or chicken broth and enjoy!

Know When a Sore Throat Needs Professional Help

Most of the time, the scratchy pain of a sore throat is caused by a viral infection, the kind that’s best treated at home. However, white pus, problems in swallowing or talking, swollen tonsils, high fever, nausea and constant, severe pain may be caused by strep throat, which can lead to serious complications. If you experience any of these strep symptoms, call your healthcare practitioner for help.

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