Editorial Calendar

2019 Editorial Line-Up

In its 28 years of publication, Energy Times has been devoted to covering every aspect of natural health, fitness and nutrition. With a circulation of 350,000 and a readership of 1.2 million, Energy Times has grown into the most authoritative, entertaining and widely read consumer publication of its kind in the natural product industry.

Focusing on What Matters Most

Energy Times readers have come to expect the best in-depth coverage of health and wellness topics that concern them. That’s why the 2019 editorial lineup is packed with stories on the culinary world, such as the latest meat alternatives; supplements on the cutting edge, such as probiotics and hemp; and other topics—all designed to help readers live happy, productive lives. And our attractive layouts present this information in ways that are sure to catch the busy health store shopper’s eye.

Monthly Departments
Energy Times will also continue to feature its comprehensive departments in every issue; subjects cover everything from healthy cooking to healing holistically, from natural cures to protecting the earth:

Wellness Watch

Front-of-the-book package including facts, figures, the latest trends in health & nutrition and news the reader can use.

Cooking Corner

Articles on foods or ingredients that can help you make healthy and nutritious meals. Features the ETRecipes.

Holistic Healing

The best of alternative medicine, including subjects such as mind/body treatments, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage and more.

Malady Makeover

Focuses on serious syndromes, nagging ailments and annoying illnesses, and the treatments you can use to overcome them.

Earth Matters

Focuses on how caring for the environment is vital to human health.

Skin & Beauty

This new department presents natural ways to help you look your fabulous best

Supplement Savvy

Our in-depth department on dietary and nutritional supplements and their ingredients makes instant experts out of our readers.

Natural Market

The ET Shopper’s Guide to New Products features the hottest items to hit store shelves and countertops.

Note to Potential Advertisers: If you want to be placed in a given issue and/or around a given feature or department, please contact an Energy Times ad sales representative a few months prior to publication for updates on the editorial plan. Remember that the story lineups listed above are subject to change. Please refer to the Rate Card for ad rates, mechanical requirements and deadlines.