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November/December 2018>Shopper’s Guide to Healthy Products
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— November 15, 2018

November/December 2018
>Shopper’s Guide to Healthy Products

By Lisa James
  • The hottest items in the world of natural health.
Shopper's Guide to Healthy Products

Biotin Bursts

NeoCell Biotin Bursts are packed with 10,000 mcg of biotin in every delicious chew. These gourmet high-potency chews also include Brazilian açai for antioxidant support against free radical damage. NeoCell’s soft chews are always low in sugar and free of gluten, soy and artificial flavors. To learn more, visit

Orange Blossom Energizer 

Orange Blossom Energizer is an antioxidant moisturizing serum that replenishes stressed and sun-damaged skin. It is made with first-pressed botanical oils and orange blossom extracts, and works by neutralizing free radicals and stimulating the production of collagen. Learn more about the complete line of Annemarie Börlind Skin Care products at

Sinus Relief

When you have a sinus infection or a cold, you need a spray designed to kill germs. Sinus Relief from Nature’s Rite offers the most effective enhanced aqueous colloid of silver that money can buy. You can put the powerful germ-fighting capability of nano-silver right where you need it. Learn more at


NaturesPlus Ultra-Zyme is the ultimate digestive enzyme tablet, offering one of the highest-potency digestive enzyme formulas available. Even if you eat a healthy diet, your body cannot absorb all of the nutrients it needs unless the food in the digestive tract is broken down properly—and that requires the action of enzymes. Try Ultra-Zyme today to aid digestion. For more information, call 800-937-0500 and ask for code 9738.

Ashwagandha Mind & Body

Extra Strength Ashwagandha Mind & Body from Irwin Naturals is a powerful, whole-body tonic designed to boost physical and mental performance by promoting a healthy physiological response to everyday stress and over-work. It features KSM-66 to promote mental clarity, focus and alertness. To learn more, visit

Sugar Armor

Shift your weight loss efforts into overdrive: NaturesPlus Sugar Armor is a sugar blocker and weight loss aid that blocks up to 50% of sugar and carb absorption. Sugars and starches in the diet require enzyme activity in order to be absorbed. NaturesPlus Sugar Armor shuts down over 95% of that enzymatic activity, reducing your carb concerns by up to 50%. For more information, call 800-937-0500 and ask for code 9739.

Waterwise 9000

The Waterwise 9000 uses distillation to separate water from its contaminants; the prolonged boiling process kills virtually all types of microorganisms. Simple to set up and operate, the 9000 comes with a spigot-equipped collector bottle—just put it on the fridge shelf and the kids can fill their own glasses. For a free report and catalog, call 800-874-9028, extension 724 or visit

Say Yes To Dairy 

Enjoy dairy again with NaturesPlus Say Yes to Dairy, a maximum-strength digestive aid designed for temporary relief from the discomforts of lactose intolerance following dairy food consumption. Each chewable tablet supplies a highly active lactase enzyme in a delicious French vanilla base, allowing you to enjoy the dairy foods you love. For more information, call 800-937-0500 and ask for code 9738.

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